Pallet transport for a palletising solution

BCK Holland has years of experience in advising, designing and manufacturing pallet conveyors. This includes powered roller and chain conveyors with a maximum load of 1,500 KG per meter. We can also make these lifting or hinged and/or provide them with pushers, side guides and other accessories.

In this project, the pallets had to be able to be transferred in two positions, where correct positioning was vital for the operation of the overall solution (palletising boxes by means of a robot). Our partner came up with an additional challenge: the entire system was never to exceed a height of 400mm, including elevating chain transfers.

We divided the 'empty pallet' roller conveyor into several driven sections, allowing two pallets to be aligned for transfer. The transferlers, with extra-slim pneumatics, then operate independently of each other. Thus, one or two empty pallets are always available for palletisation. When loaded, the pallet is moved towards the end stop with collision protection and presented for removal by a forklift.

Figure 1:

Figure 2:


27 July 2023


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