Powered flexible roller conveyors

Powered flexible roller conveyors

The powered flexible roller conveyors are often used, for example, for efficient and health and safety-friendly loading and unloading of trucks. They are easy to use and can be quickly adapted for a new application. By connecting driven roller conveyors with connectors, a very long distance can be created.

AHRB driven roller conveyors

Terms of application

This versatile powered flexible roller conveyor has many variants and to apply this roller conveyor, your application should meet the following conditions to ensure a long service life:

Environment: Dry and clean to slightly dirty

Load: Max. 150 kg/meter

Speed: Max. 35 m/min

Roller diameter: Ø50 mm

The powered flexible roller conveyor is a roller conveyor that can be extended and retracted just like a harmonica. Because the roller conveyor works like a harmonica, it is also possible to make a turn with the roller conveyor. The flexible roller conveyor is supported by several trolleys with wheels. The frames are height-adjustable, so that the height can be adjusted to the user. The wheels are fitted with brakes. It is also possible to equip the powered roller conveyor with an impact section on which the goods can be placed.

Technical specifications

The powered flexible roller conveyors consist of independent, flexible shears. They are:
  • available in various widths, namely 460, 610, 760 and 900 mm
  • extendable to a desired length
  • maximum pitch (when fully extended): 130 mm
  • fitted with load rollers made of galvanised steel tube with a diameter of 50 mm
  • fitted with brushless motors, adjustable from approx. 6 to 35 m/min
  • number of start/stops: max. 400/hour
  • provided with bolted flexible connections (not riveted)
  • fitted with an undercarriage every 1,040 mm
  • infinitely adjustable in height (H = 730 - 900 mm)
  • mobile by means of heavy-duty swivel castors Ø 200 x 45 mm, some of which are equipped with a simple brake control
  • each end fitted with a start/stop and emergency stop button
  • load capacity up to 250 kg per metre (transport capacity up to 100 kg/meter)
  • flexible, easy to form bends, such as S-bends
expandable with various options such as:
  • coupling and uncoupling support
  • hinged end stop
  • transport capacity up to 150 kg/meter
  • electronic end stop
  • LED lighting unit
  • weighted end section with LED lighting
  • function to accumulate zero pressure based on time
  • 3 phase 380V (standard 1 phase 240V)
  • extension with flexible gravity roller track
  • other maximum pitch of the rollers: 67 mm or 102 mm
  • other lengths, heights, widths and roller diameters possible.
For all possibilities, please contact us.
Powered flexible roller conveyor in logistics
Driven flexibel roller conveyor with lighting

The table below lists the standard versions. Click on the article number to request a price by e-mail.

Minimum length
Maximum length
Article number
4,00 m
8,75 m TC3610450080
5,13 m
11,25 m TC3610450110
6,27 m
13,75 m TC3610450130
7,41 m
16,25 m TC3610450150
4,00 m
8,75 m TC3610600080
5,13 m 11,25 m TC3610600110
6,27 m
13,75 m TC3610600130
7,41 m
16,25 m TC3610600150
4,00 m
8,75 m TC3610750080
5,13 m
11,25 m TC3610750110
6,27 m
13,75 m TC3610750130
7,41 m
16,25 m TC3610750150
4,00 m
8,75 m TC3610900080
5,13 m
11,25 m TC3610900110
6,27 m
13,75 m TC3610900130
7,41 m
16,25 m TC3610900150

Practical example with powered flexible roller conveyor