Stainless steel buffer tables

Stainless steel buffer tables

The BCK buffer tables, also called stainless steel turntables, are usually placed at the end of a production process for buffering products such as jars, cans, bottles, etc. The rotary tables are made of stainless steel as standard and are available with a blade diameter of 900 / 1,250 / 1,500 mm. The blade is also driven directly by the motor. This eliminates the need for chains and belts.

Types of stainless steel buffer tables

Buffer tables with a stainless steel top with a diameter of 900 / 1,250 / 1,500 mm are available from stock with a working height of 900 mm and equipped with an on/emergency switch off box with a 16A plug (400V).

Environment: Dry to damp and clean to slightly dirty

Diameter: 900 / 1,250 / 1,500 mm

Load: Max. 100 kg (evenly distributed)

Speed: Approx. 4 revolutions/minute

Plug-ready with 16A plug.

The following options are available on these standard buffer tables:
  • frequency regulator with a 230V plug
  • extra support wheels under the top
  • adjusted working height
  • castors with brake
Besides standard rotary tables, BCK Holland also produces stainless steel buffer tables made to measure. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Standard BCK buffer table diameter 1250 mm
Set-up of various conveyor systems with a turntable

Benefits of stainless steel buffer tables

There are many benefits to be gained by installing stainless steel buffer table, such as:
  • saving labour hours in the production process
  • one operator can support several processes
  • it contributes to a continuous production process