Mattop conveyors

Mattop conveyors

A mattop conveyor, also called a chain conveyor, modular belt or mat conveyor, is a conveyor system with a modular link belt as product carrier. A modular link belt consists of several plastic links linked together by a pin. A modular link belt is not tensioned and is driven by single sprockets. Mattop conveyors with a modular belt have the advantage that they can transport more weight than belt conveyors and that often a straight section can be combined with a curve in 1 system. This prevents transitions and saves drives. 

Types of mattop conveyors

Every application or environment requires a different type of mattop conveyor. BCK Holland produces custom mattop conveyors. The application often determines whether it should be a mattop conveyor with aluminium or stainless steel frame. See below for our product range:

Aluminium mattop conveyor

Aluminium mattop conveyor type C83

If a moist environment is not involved or stainless steel is not required, a mattop conveyor with aluminium frame can be applied. The BCK aluminium mattop conveyors type C83 is modular and often forms the basis of various production automations.

Environment: Dry and clean

Load: Max. 1,000 kg

Speed: Max. 60 m/min

Roller diameter: Ø15 / Ø83 / Ø102 / Ø165 mm

Stainless steel mattop conveyor type MBC10

A mattop conveyor with stainless steel frame is often used in humid areas and/or for products where stainless steel is required. The stainless steel mattop conveyors MBC10 of BCK Holland B.V. have openings in the sides of the frame for easy cleaning.

Environment: Dry to damp and clean

Load: Max. 1.000 kg

Speed: Max. 60 m/min

Roller diameter: Ø15 / Ø83 / Ø102 / Ø165 mm

Stainless steel mattop conveyor

Buy a mattop conveyor?

Are you interested in a mattop conveyor? BCK Holland has more than 15 years of experience in very diverse industries. Therefore, BCK Holland is able to give good advice and steer towards a good and affordable solution. Are you curious about the possibilities or prices of our mattop conveyors? Then get in touch.