Belt conveyors

A belt conveyor, also called a conveyor belt, is mainly used to automatically move a product from A to B. A conveyor belt is also used to transport products along employees, robots, production machines or other packaging machines.

Types of conveyor belts

A different type of conveyor belt is required for each product or environment. BCK Holland supplies all kinds of tailor-made belt conveyors. See below for some of our products:

Aluminium belt conveyors

Aluminium belt conveyors

If there is no wet surroundings or there is no stainless steel required, an aluminium conveyor can be applied. The BCK aluminium belt conveyors are available in the type N60 and N114.

Stainless steel belt conveyors

Stainless steel belt conveyors

A stainless steel belt conveyor is often used in wet surroundings and / or stainless steel products are required. The BCK stainless steel belt conveyors are manufactured of AISI 304 or AISI 316.



The mini-conveyor is a new product within BCK Holland. The mini-conveyor belt makes the range of BCK conveyors more complete. These mini-conveyors, of the brand Vetter Kleinförderbänder, are mainly used where space is limited and the product is small and light.

Construction of a conveyor belt

The construction of a belt conveyor is quite simple. A conveyor belt consists of a frame, two rounded end rollers, an endless belt material and a drive. In addition to this basis, there are countless details and options that make the belt conveyor specific for a particular application. In most cases, the conveyor belt is driven by an electric motor with a gearbox. With the help of this drive, and any control, you can therefore also determine the speed of the conveyor.

The environmental factors and the product determine the type of conveyor belt. If the environment is dry and a non-food product is being transported, an aluminum conveyor belt is used. A stainless steel conveyor belt is used in humid conditions and the transport of food products.

Partly due to all these factors, no conveyor belt is the same. For example, you can choose a small conveyor belt but also a different type of transport system, such as chain conveyors or roller conveyors.

Buy conveyor belts?

Are you interested in belt conveyors? BCK Holland has more than 15 years of experience in a wide variety of industries . That is why BCK Holland is able to give good advice and to steer towards a good and affordable solution. Are you curious about the possibilities or prices of our conveyor belts? Please contact us.

Photos belt conveyors

For inspiration or to estimate the possibilities at BCK Holland BV, you can view many examples on this website.

1. Bandtransporteur met telescopisch onderstel
Photo 1
2. Bandtransporteur met voetschakelaar
Photo 2
3. Bandtransporteur met fotocel
Photo 3
4. Bandtransporteur met RVS zijgeleiding
Photo 4