Aligning, guiding and sorting bags.


A request came from the customer to transport a bag of nappies in their production line with the correct orientation. As the product is not 100% shape stable, it was important to guide the product very well when aligning and sorting the product.

The bags come out of a packaging machine after which the products need to be transported further down the line with the correct orientation.

The balls in the surface of the mattop conveyor are driven by an underlying conveyor belt, aligning the products to one side. Here, the products collide with a lateral conveyor that guides the product.  This ensures control over the products and correct orientation.

Further down the conveyor, the products are sorted out in a nice continuous flow. An additional angled lateral conveyor ensures the product continues its transport in the production line in the correct orientation.

Figure 1:


27 July 2023


Align, Sort out