Product sorting with rollertop mattop conveyor


BCK Holland has produced several driven roller conveyors and a sorting conveyor for a system integrator in logistics. The sorting conveyor is a mattop conveyor with Active Rollertop chain incorporating three N60 belt conveyors integrated to activate the balls.

The customer came to us with an issue to sort out products with a very large diversity with a capacity of 1,000 - 1,200 products per hour. Due to the high diversity, a mattop conveyor with Active Rollertop chain was chosen. This mattop conveyor is generally used to transport, orientate and sort various types of goods such as boxes, bags and loose items at high speed.

The entire system was built in BCK's workshop so that the customer could test its own controls with scanners and intelligence before it was transported to the end customer. 

Figure 1:


27 July 2023


Buffering, Sort out