BCK packing and repacking station for the fresh produce industry

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The BCK packing and repacking station is provided with several powered conveyors one above the other and equipped with workstations (incl. lighting) and on both sides. 
The infeed consists of two driven roller conveyors;  
The upper level is for empty boxes/crates in which the product goes to the customer. 
The middle level is for full boxes/crates to be repacked. 
On both lanes, the boxes/crates have a certain gap, making them easy to unpack. 
The boxes/crates are repacked on the work table. Then the newly filled/covered box or crate is pushed off on the lower level. This amounts to a continuously rotating conveyor on which finished product is discharged to a gravity roller conveyor or thrustless mattop conveyor. There, the contents of the box/crate are placed on a pallet.
Optionally, a fourth lower conveyor for waste product can be integrated into the packing station.  

"Less running time increases productivity by more than 30% !!!" 

Due to a smart control system, the supplied empty and full boxes/crates stop, at a certain interval, at the repacker's working position. When a repack worker picks up a box from the roller conveyor, the empty position is automatically filled. By using this control system, there are no (pneumatic) stoppers. 

"Waiting time is a thing of the past" 

The packing and repacking station has compact dimensions and is equipped with castors, making it easy to move and easy to transport to a location elsewhere. 
Advantages of this repacking station over traditional packing are: 
- Productivity increase of the repacking staff; 
- Supervision is much easier, control is largely done by the system; 
- Breaking-in period is reduced, as fewer tasks are performed per person; 
- A marked increase in ergonomics, resulting in fewer physical complaints; 
- Excellent scalability; 
- Easy to move; 
- Easy to transport by truck; 
- A minimal use of space on the shop floor; 
- A safe design; 
- A modular design, allowing customisation; 
- A perfect combination of logistics operations; 

"This perfect combination of logistics operations results in savings of 30 to 40%, which leads to a very short payback period for your investment" 

BCK... Fast, flexible to the point 

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27 July 2023


Packing and repacking station