Innovation in Manufacturing: The Rise of 3D Printing at BCK Holland

Innovation in Manufacturing: The Rise of 3D Printing at BCK Holland

By Thomas Alessie, Project Engineer and 3D Print Expert at BCK Holland

Welcome to BCK Holland, where innovation and progress go hand in hand. As a project engineer and passionate 3D printing expert, I am happy to share with you how our recent investment in a 3D printer has not only improved our processes, but also opened up new opportunities to serve our customers even better.

With the addition of the 3D printer to our arsenal, we are now able to offer customised solutions, such as brackets and end finishing caps, that add real value for both our system and the customer.

At BCK, we regularly face challenging projects, and the 3D printer is proving to be a valuable ally in meeting these challenges. Standard parts sometimes lack just that one extra hole or flange to integrate seamlessly into our system. This is where the versatility of 3D printing comes into its own.

One of the exciting aspects of this new technology is that we can not only print standard parts, but also convert existing parts in our range to 3D print files. This allows us to print these parts on demand, making our inventory leaner and managing the warehouse more efficiently.

Some examples of the possibilities 3D printing offers us include cover plates for roller tracks, cover plates for various profiles used within BCK, and brackets for sensors and reflectors.

Cover plates for roller conveyors: These specific 3D printed cover plates ensure a seamless and perfect finish for our roller tracks, not only improving functionality but also optimising the aesthetic aspect.

Cover plates for profiles: Varying profiles within our company require different cover plates. With 3D printing, we can quickly and efficiently produce customised cover plates that perfectly match the profiles used, resulting in a uniform and streamlined appearance.

Brackets for sensors and reflectors: Positioning sensors and reflectors is crucial in our work.3D printed brackets offer flexibility and precision, allowing us to optimally integrate these essential components into our systems.

With our 3D printer, we have not only added an advanced production method to our business process, but also opened the door to a new world of possibilities. At BCK Holland, we are committed to continuous innovation and improving our services to customers. The future looks extremely exciting, and we are excited to share this journey with you.