Box alignment, guiding and labelling

In practice, conveyors and labeller are often positioned separately from each other in a line. The problem with loose positioning is the correct alignment relative to each other. The alignment between conveyor and labelling machine ensures the quality of label application.

At various end customers, our customer ran into the problem that systems were being collided with due to narrow aisles in the production area. As a result, the positioning/coordination between the two systems was no longer correct, resulting in incorrect label application.

At the customer's request, a conveyor system was designed integrating the mattop conveyor and the labelling unit on one frame.

Important starting points are:

  • Robust design
  • Stainless steel design for power supply
  • Friction of the top layer of the switching belt for correct alignment of boxes and application of label
  • Speed (adjustable via frequency controller for perfect alignment)
  • Frame on wheels (system is easy to move)

Figure 1:


27 July 2023


Align, Label