BCK Holland B.V., which is located in Waalwijk, is a well established and highly successful producer of belt conveyors, modular chain conveyors, roller conveyors and buffer tables with an enviable list of customers. Our well earned reputation for quality and reliability is maintained by our team of specialists in engineering and production, delivering dynamic and innovative logistic solutions globally through a reliable network of system integrators and OEM-ers.

At BCK Holland B.V. every order is treated with care and personal attention, we will work with you to precisely understand the envirement in which the belt conveyors will be used and take the utmost care to ensure your requirements are interpreted correctly. The belt conveyors will then be assembled based on the agreed configuration.

A tailor-made conveyor with standard components results in a short delivery time, excellent quality and a competitive price. For BCK Holland B.V. every order is unique.