The BCK toothed belt conveyors are used for the transport of products or product carriers which are to be positioned. If the system has multiple tracks, it has the advantage that there is no difference in speed between the various tracks, so the product or the product carrier will not be rotated on the various tracks.

Toothed belt conveyors

A great advantage compared with belt conveyors is that no slip can occur between the pulley and the toothed belt. And a toothed belt will derail less quickly as a belt material.So far, three different technical solutions have been used to keep the timing belt on track and to prevent it from running of the pulley: the timing belt is prevented from running of the pulley by the pulley flanges; the timing belt is guided by a v-guide; the timing belt is fitted with especially shaped teeth to keep it on track reliably. The revolutionary innovation is an accurately fitting meshing ring mounted on the pulley. The timing belt is fitted with a corresponding groove matching exactly the easy drive® ring without any movable possibilities. The final result is a guided timing belt with an extraordinary high directional stability.

BCK Holland can supply toothed belt conveyors in various models, but for short delivery times but for shorter delivery times BCK has developed a standard, namely the type TB60. The TB60 has a standard toothed belt width of approximately 80 mm and a frame width of approximately 90 mm (exclusive the bearing plates).

Like belt materials there are lots of belt accessories available, such as flights or product carriers. Besides welding the accessories on the belt, it is also possible to connect it mechanically with a brass or stainless steel mechanical connector.

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