The BCK spreading conveyors are positively driven transport conveyors that use multiple rows of narrow-width stainless steel conveyor belts. These belts can provide a spreading, converging or diverging operation.

Spreading conveyors

The BCK spreading conveyor is a conveyor system that is manufactured by customer specifications. The length-to-width ratio is not a restriction, because the narrow-width stainless steel conveyor belts are running in its own groove so there will be no tracking problem. The basic frame is made of stainless steel and the belta run over a food-safe plastic (HDPE) support surface. The chains are positively driven by a stainless steel sprocket. The BCK spreading conveyor is designed and built to be easily cleaned and disinfected.

The spreading conveyor is mainly used in the food industry, because there is often the need to spread out or merge products before it goes further into the production. The unique feature of a spreading conveyor often results in a saving of factory floor space and in many cases less rejects of fragile products.

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