The BCK segment conveyor is a new type of modular conveyor system. The running surface is composed of segments (coextrusions) that are pressed together. This makes BCK Holland able to produce any width up to 9,000 mm.

Segment conveyors

Any length can be made by customer specifications as there is no length to width ratio. This is because the segments are guided by plastic profiles on both sides, a segment conveyor has therefor no track problems.

The surface is closed and the color is black, but it can also be perforated (diameter and position on customer request). The standard surface is smooth, but segments with grooves / ridges are also available. The segment belt can also be used on a conveyor belt when it is reversed. A belt material arises with standard pushers of 5 mm and a pitch of 25.4 mm.

This maintenance-friendly conveyor system is a kind of combination of modular chain and belt material. It has both advantages over the use of belt material as the use of modular chain material.

Our friendly engineers are more than happy to discuss your requirements, offer advice and work with you to help deliver your bespoke segment conveyor. You can contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.



Segment conveyors, belt conveyors and modular chain conveyors: the differences

The choice of a belt conveyor, modular chain conveyor or segment conveyor is primarily determined by the kind of product, size, load, environment and permissible downtime.

The main advantages of segment conveyors compared to belt conveyors are:

  • There are no terms of length to width ratio (for example 4,000 mm wide and 2,000 mm long isn't a problem)
  • Segment conveyor runs between plastic profiles, so the belt has no tracking problems what leads to low maintenance
  • Very stable width
  • Low down-time (customer can replace segments)
  • Segment belts are driven by toothed sprockets or rollers so no slip can occur
  • Client can modify the composition of the segment belt (for example: a segment with grooves / ridges can be placed)

The main advantages of segment conveyors compared to modular chain conveyors are:

  • Segment belts have no rods or loose links that move along what could cause wear in certain applications, such as paper crystals, rockwool, sand and dirt
  • Permissible speed with a segment belt is much higher compared with the permissible speed of modular chain material
  • Less slip-stick effect
  • Shorter delivery times (less assembly time required)



Segment conveyors have a wider application range compared with other conveyor systems. The segment conveyors are mainly used in the:

  • textile industry
  • laundry industry
  • postal industry
  • packaging industry
  • carton/paper industry
  • printing industry
  • plastic industry
  • agriculture and horticulture industries
  • rockwool industry
  • etc.


Product data

closed or perforated (diameter and position on customer request)
Surface structure: 
smooth, grooves / ridges, perforated or pushers
6 mm
Tensile force per unit of width: 
3.000 N/m
Mass of the belt:
2,2 kg/m²
Standard color:  
black or white
Permissible operating temperature (continuous)::
-10 up to 80 °C
on customer request
on customer request up to 9.000 mm
Drive element:
sprockets, smooth roller (smallest sprocket diameter Ø 40 mm!!)