Pallet chain conveyors are used for pallets or similar heavy products or product carriers.

BCK Holland has a wide range of conveyors to transport pallets (or similar heavy products or product carriers). The product range is divided into powered pallet roller conveyors, pallet chain conveyors, pallet turntables and gravity pallet roller conveyors. Each system also has a wide range of options such as: type of drive, stoppers, angle transfer devices, end stop, etc.

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Various models

Pallet chain conveyors

The pallet chain conveyors can be divided into two types, namely pallet chain conveyors with two chains and pallet chain conveyors with three chains. The pallet chain conveyors are used for the lateral transportation of pallets up to 1,500 kg per meter. Chain conveyors with 3 tracks are used for applications with normal pallets and half pallets. Also because of the modular design any pallet chain conveyor can be created.

Technical specifications:

(other load, c.t.c. tracks, quantity of tracks and options on request)