The VEHO XLine is a modular transport system specially designed to transport products over a long distance (up to 100 meters!) with just one gearmotor.


The VEHO XLine has a centre-driven steel chain belt of hardened links on which panels and wings are mounted. The hardened round steel chain results in less elongation compared to a 3/4" chain that is generally used in a slat conveyor. In addition, its roller support and guide bearings on the slat carts ensure minimal friction, minimal wear and low energy consumption.

This results in the silent transport of goods, boxes and bags over lengths of up to 100 meters with one (motor) drive with high speed and low (infrastructure and maintenance) costs. A minimum of infrastructure is required which facilitates control and system integration, whereby the line can be operational 24/7.

De VEHO XLine are currently applied in:

  • (Production)Logistics
  • Packaging industry



The VEHO XLine has a modular structure and can be configured to customer requirements. The structure may include:

  • Idler section
  • Drive section
  • Curve section(s)
  • Increase / decrease section(s)
  • Service section(s)
  • Straight section(s)

Delivery takes place including slats (chain, guide cars), engine and chassis. Other lengths, carriers (10 mm), color, options and customer-specific adjustments in consultation. We are happy to advise you in a personal meeting. You can contact us for more information or to discuss your application

Since there are hardly any limitations in the length and width of the system, multiple actions can be performed in 1 transport system.

The frame is made of coated steel (RAL 9005) with PA blades (glass fiber reinforced). Other technical specifications and options are:

  • Width (lamels): 400 / 600 mm
  • Length (with 1 motor): Max. 100 m
  • Load: 50 kg/m
  • Velocity: 60 m/min (1 m/sec)
  • Friction modules: optional
  • Drive: 3-phase gearmotor
  • Section length: (straight) 2980 mm
  • Curves: 30-45-90-180◦
  • Support
  • Side guide