A chain conveyor with hinged steel belts is often used when the product are sharp or hot like welded metal products.

Chain conveyors with hinged steel belts are available with pitch of 1", 1,5", 2,5" and 4". Depending on the application, a frame of aluminum or stainless steel will be used. By standardizing these chain conveyors are available in various widths, from 100 to 1,200 mm. There are also several hinged steel belts available materials such as steel or stainless steel, flat, perforated or slotted with a bumpy surface. It is also possible to weld side wings (fixed side guide) and flights on the top.

Chain conveyors with hinged steel belts are used extensively in a whole host of industries for a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • metal industry (conveying of sharp or welded products, metal waste, washing of metal products)
  • food industry (bakery ovens, cooled area's )

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Various models

Chain conveyors with hinged steel belts

The most common chain conveyor with hinged steel belt is a flat chain conveyor. Flat chain conveyors are being placed in front or behind a machine to bring or to remove a product to the machine, such as a metal machine or robot cell. The product can be very sharp or hot. That is the reason this conveyor system is chosen. A flat chain conveyor is widely applicable. Chain conveyors with hinged steel belts with flights are used to increase products to a different hight.