An Active Rollertop Belt Conveyor can be used to align, rotate, accelerate, slow down, add and / or insert products during transport.

Active Rollertop Belt Conveyor

The principle is quite clear. The goods that are transported make contact with the plastic balls that are mounted in the modular chain. The same balls also protrude on the underside of the modular chain and the product is set in motion by underlying drives.

In comparison with modular chains with rollers, this modular chain with balls has several advantages. The freely rotating balls reduce rolling resistance and enable energy-efficient transport. Due to the small pitch of 1 inch, there are relatively many contact points between the tire and the product, which in turn ensures high product stability. In addition, the small pitch also ensures that small and light products can be transported. The product can also move multidirectional on a modular chain with balls.

Active Rollertop Belt Conveyors are currently applied in:

  • (Production)Logistics (including for sorting and aligning products)
  • Labelling/coding (including product alignment)
  • Packaging industry (including for a reject after a weighing unit or metal detection, alignment, turning or merging products)



The Active Rollertop Belt can only be used in a dry environment and must always be applied flat. There are various options for moving the plastic balls, namely:

  • 1 or more belt conveyors
  • Rotating disk
  • Flat fixed plate

Since there are hardly any limitations in the length and width of the system, multiple actions can be performed in 1 transport system.

Other technical specifications are:

  • Basic frame: Steel coated / aluminium
  • Width (Rollertop belt): 76 - 2286 mm
  • Length: variable
  • Load: up to 100 kg/m^2
  • Speed (Rollertop belt): 50 m/min
  • Rollertop belt: blue acetal/PA
  • Transfers: Ø 150 mm

Due to the modular concept, it is possible to come up with various solutions for a wide variety of products. We are happy to advise you in a personal meeting. You can contact us for more information or to discuss your application.