If there is no wet surroundings or there is no stainless steel required, an aluminium chain conveyor can be applied. The BCK aluminium chain conveyors are available in the type C83 and C102. The sprockets refer toe the sprocket diameter.

An Active Rollertop Belt Conveyor can be used to align, rotate, accelerate, slow down, add and / or insert products during transport.

The VEHO XLine is a modular transport system specially designed to transport products over a long distance (up to 100 meters!) with just one gearmotor.

The BCK stainless steel chain conveyors are manufactured of AISI 304 or AISI 316. The BCK stainless steel chain conveyors are suitable for the food industry (HACCP environment), the pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry, because of the choice of the right materials and the hygienic design.

A chain conveyor with hinged steel belts is often used when the product are sharp or hot like welded metal products.

Pallet chain conveyors are used for pallets or similar heavy products or product carriers.